The ability to dream

Dreaming in Cuba? ‘ Dreaming leads to sadness and disappointment.’


I spend the long hot days chatting to the women, helping to clean the house, washing and feeding my youngest as she crawls around the floor whilst my eldest Eleanor is playing in streets. Eleanor disappears after her breakfast – a hastily consumed egg and a roll – running down the street to call on a prima. She reappears periodically, rosy cheeked to beg for water. She can be easily rounded up for lunch but by early evening has to be found and bought home (kicking and protesting) to be bathed before her dinner. By then she’s usually rosy cheeked and black with dirt. Her clothes are unrecognisable from all the dust. Cubans are strong believers in bathing before eating and virtually never bath afterwards for fear of it stopping their hearts.

Eleanor is four and I genuinely have very little idea where she is for most of the day…

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