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Linear vs Circular

You’re not wasting time – you’re being creative!

cycletimeI recently read this very interesting post by Lauren Sapala, in which she argued – very convincingly, to my mind – that writers, by pressuring themselves to achieve goals, can actually hinder their progress. In the post, she made a very simple but, to me, quite startling point, which in turn provoked one of those “lightbulb” moments, when I thought, “Ah-ha! So that’s where I’ve been going wrong all this time!” She says:

“Our culture tends to think of time as linear. It moves forward in a straight line. So if you want to get anything done, you need to move forward in a straight line as well. And the most popular method used in our culture to conquer this straight line is to push ourselves. This push is commonly referred to as ‘drive’ or ‘motivation’.”

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Invisible enemy


It’s July and all everyone is talking about is cholera and dengue fever. Particularly dengue.

For months they’ve been sending planes over the fields. We go out into the back yard and watch them circling the skies. Necks craned, ears sharp to try and hear them approaching before they appear over the trees to pass again. Small yellow planes fumigating against the Mosquitos that bring dengue fever. The dengue Mosquitos hide in dark places (under a table, in the bathroom) and are more likely to bite during the day. The planes come every few days in a hard battle to win. These planes bring their own problems. The chemicals they drop are so strong people say they are harming the crops.

A neighbour passes and says there is dengue in the next town. This is how it starts.

A month later and there is dengue a few streets across. Then…

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