Dangerous Loves, Deeper Truths

Elizabeth Stott - to Blog or Not

Three of my Cumbrian literary connections have written novels that turn and examine issues of sex and sexuality. Two of these novels are debuts,  written by Alex Morgan  and Simon Sylvester. Respective titles: Tandem, and The Visitors.  The third novel, The Centauress, is by the well-published biographer and poet, Kathleen Jones, who has  a previous novel,  The Sun’s Companion, both published by The Book Mill. Tandem was the  2014 Hookline novel competition winner, and is published by Hookline Press. The Visitors was published this summer by Quercus, and is shortlisted for the Guardian Not The Booker Prize. Simon and Kathleen are linked to my blog via ‘The Writing Process Blog Tour’.

If there is anything that human society struggles with – perhaps more than keeping body and soul together – it is the issue of sex and sexuality. Our ideas of ‘body’ and ‘soul’ are enshrined in…

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